Bitcoin Betting – Guide on How to Wager Using Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin betting is steadily rising, considering the benefits that gamers get. They can comfortably shift from the conventional fiat payment methods such as e-wallets, credit and debit cards, and bank transfers using bitcoins. Bitcoins are the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and allow gamers to participate in their favourite BTC sports betting activities. Let’s explore more on bitcoin betting and what makes it different from fiat wagering.

Top Bookmakers for Bitcoin Sports Betting 2024

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Bitcoin Betting – Benefits

Our reviews aim to determine the benefits that you can get while betting with bitcoins. Cryptocurrency betting has changed the world of sports betting as it has made payments more convenient. Most sportsbooks now accept cryptocurrencies, and the most common one is bitcoin. Additionally, besides the exciting bonuses, fast deposits, quick withdrawals, and anonymity, there are several other benefits you can get while betting with the decentralized and unregulated digital currency. As such, it gives an edge to the gamers to maximize on their earnings while playing. With our reviews, you can understand these benefits more comprehensively. Let’s explore some of them.


Most bitcoin betting platforms allow you to bet anonymously on your favourite sports. You can easily bypass the need to involve intermediaries and delve straight into financial transactions. Not only does this offer autonomy, but it also enhances the gamer’s financial freedom. As such, gamers can avoid sharing personal information and improve the anonymity levels. Additionally, this boosts the security status as your transactions are unrecorded. In most cases, these sites will only require an alias or screen name from gamers. The registration does not require your username or email address to process the bitcoins transactions.

Fast Deposits & Withdrawals

Whether you want to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies from your sportsbook account, you have the assurance of faster payouts. These processes are completed within the first four to six minutes of authorisation, hence very speedy. The bitcoin transactions do not involve any middlemen, and this helps with the speed. It is unlike the other standard payment methods that, at least, take a few hours. Others may even take days or weeks to process. As the gamer, you need to understand that the bitcoin withdrawals are not as fast as the deposits. However, they are still faster than the other standard methods.

Generous Bonuses

When compared to other regular sportsbooks, bitcoin betting has always had bigger and better bonuses since the payments do not deal with third-party institutions such as banks. It eliminates all the associated fees. Usually, these bitcoin bookies offer 2x bigger bonuses than conventional currencies. The common bonuses are the initial deposit bonuses, dubbed ‘welcome bonuses’, and other bitcoin reload bonuses. The former is a package to welcome first-time gamers while the latter is for subsequent reloads. As a gamer, you should understand that these bonuses have different wagering requirements, and this depends on the specific site.

Better Odds

Gambling with bitcoins makes you eligible for better odds. Usually, most bitcoin betting platforms develop highly competitive odds in order to entice gamers to make the shift from fiat currencies to bitcoins. Higher odds will translate to higher payouts, hence an advantage to the gamers. Most sports analysts argue that the competitive odds arise from the reduced transaction cost and the absence of intermediaries in the deposits and withdrawals. All these saved charges yield better odds for bettors. As a gamer, you should take advantage of these odds.

Modern Betting Options

The bitcoin betting platforms offer unique wagering options such as mutual betting. For most players, mutual betting allows bettors to wager on the same sport all at once (as a pool). The winning pools are then calculated and shared among all the wagers. This allows the gamblers to play against each other as there are no fixed odds for these mutual betting options. While betting on the site, you can find innovative betting options with highly competitive odds compared to the regular betting sites. Every bitcoin gamer at the betting site is eligible for these betting options.

Live Betting Availability

Most bitcoin betting platforms also allow live betting. The beauty of live betting is that the bettor can comfortably bet before the game and during the game. A gamer is not coerced to make pre-game decisions as they can still wager on the ongoing matches, hence more informed. With the live betting option available on these platforms, you can watch the game and determine the turns and twists in order to know which wagers you should place. Additionally, they offer enhanced visual and audio capabilities to allow you the ultimate live betting experience. It is a great betting opportunity for most punters.

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How to Choose a Bitcoin Bookmaker?

Choosing a bitcoin betting platform can be pretty daunting, especially when you have never even heard about it. As a gamer, you must understand the importance of reading the reviews on the bookmakers. It is a great way to keep you informed of how they operate, the bonuses and promotions they have, as well as their reputation. With all these assessed, you can comfortably choose the right bet cryptocurrency website. Our reviews are in-depth and will help you make the right choice of bitcoin betting platform. Let us take a look at some essential parameters for the selection.

Reputability of the Operator

A gamer must assess the credibility and trustworthiness of a bitcoin betting platform. You can begin by checking the validity of their gambling licenses and whether it works with a legitimate regulator. The most powerful bitcoin betting platforms have their licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake, Isle of Man, Curacao Gaming, and the Malta Gaming Authority. Additionally, you should assess the SSL encryption on the bitcoin betting site to determine its safety and security measures. As such, you protect personal details from unauthorized access. You can also check the gamers’ reviews for any complaints.

Promotions & Bonuses

A great bitcoin betting operator has exciting bonuses and promotions in order to keep gamers entertained and happy. The most common bonuses in bitcoin bookies are the welcome bonuses and the reload bonuses. Additionally, loyal existing gamers will also be eligible for exciting benefits such as a loyalty program. However, before you agree to sign up on a specific bookmaker, you should assess the wagering requirements, as well as other terms and conditions in order to know what you are getting yourself into. Gamers must also prioritise betting sites with a variety of bonuses and reasonable wagering requirements.

Available Markets – Variety

The betting markets available at a crypto sportsbook determine the range of your winnings. Most bitcoin betting platforms offer a variety of regular sports betting opportunities such as football coverage, basketball, baseball, and other e-sports. You should be looking out for stand-out features such as bitcoin live betting and live streaming. Usually, the odds for live betting are always higher and more defined than the regular odds. The right bitcoin betting platform will offer provably fair betting opportunities to enhance your gaming experience and general gameplay.

Mobile Site & Apps

Most bitcoin betting platforms have optimised their websites to accommodate mobile browsers. As such, gamers can comfortably access their favourite sports and bet while on the go. Additionally, an excellent bitcoin betting site should have an app available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. With a dedicated mobile app, gamers can download it, install it on their mobile devices, and begin betting on sports. These applications have exciting features and an easily navigable design layout in order to allow convenient access to sporting events. You should look out for these features.

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Best Bitcoin Betting Sites

Betting with bitcoins is becoming a favourite activity for many punters. Gamers can comfortably use the digital currency to bet without the worry of breaking any laws. However, while the ban has been lifted, there has been an increase in the number of bitcoin sports betting sites, and a punter must be careful during the selection. Our reviews will help you make better choices. Let’s explore some of the best bitcoin sportsbook for crypto betting.

This reputable bookmaker has established itself in the gambling market. It boasts a broad coverage of major sports such as the NFL, MLB, and NHL. Additionally, the crypto sports betting site has a racebook to cater to the horse racing lovers. With generous bitcoin bonuses such as the welcome bonus, reload bonus, and a racebook bonus, you can comfortably place your bets on the bitcoin betting site. However, for you to enjoy these benefits, you must input a promo code; ‘100CRYPTO’ for 100% match up on the deposited amount and ‘35CRYPTO’ for a 35% reload bonus.

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1xbet is one of the largest bookmakers internationally. They have a generous selection of sports and betting markets for punters. Our assessment shows that the website is accessible and navigable for mobile and desktop users. Additionally, it allows payments in the form of bitcoins and assures gamers of speedy transactions. You also get exciting odds, bonuses, and promotions to smoothen your betting experience on the site.

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The bitcoin betting platform was established in 2015 and operates under a license issued by e-Gambling Montenegro. It offers a considerable coverage of authentic sports with lots of betting markets and fairly exciting betting odds. These matches include football, soccer, basketball, baseball, darts, and tennis. Gamers get a 100% deposit bonus up to 5 bitcoins, and a 100% welcome bonus for up to 5 ETH. Recently, the website began a new promotion where gamers get 50 free spins and 99 bitcoins. Gamers can make deposits and perform withdrawals within fifteen minutes, which is pretty speedy.

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With an exciting interface and design layout, Parimatch is one of the friendliest bitcoin betting platforms. The site has laid out its content uniquely and systematically for punters to find all the events and choose what they love most. Additionally, the website offers gamers a live streaming option so they can comfortably watch and bet on the same sports at the same time. Nevertheless, live streaming is currently limited to football matches. Other sports on the hybrid bitcoin betting site include virtual sports leagues.

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22Bet is one of the newest betting sites to offer bitcoin sports betting. The site is regulated under the laws of Curacao and has a license from the UK Gambling Commission. With over 1000 events to bet on every day and an unlimited betting market, you can be sure to find your favorite crypto gamble option on the website. Additionally, the website has SSL encryption, hence is safe and secure for all punters. Gamers can wager on their favorite sports using bitcoins, altcoins, as well as other fiat currencies. It is a hybrid bookmaker with exciting sports betting odds.

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Bitcoin betting is only fun and exciting when you find the best bitcoin gambling site. It should be a reputable operator with exciting bonuses, high-quality security, and plenty of betting markets with your favorite sports. Some of them are hybrid, while others are bitcoin-exclusive. You will find in-depth reviews of these betting sites on our website. Our team is thorough in the assessments and ensures that you can get accurate information on these bitcoin sports gambling sites. Gamers must know that both options are great. However, bitcoin-exclusive sites tend to have more benefits than hybrid ones.