BetNow Sportsbook Review – All The Information You Need

100% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000

BetNow is one of the leading sportsbook betting sites. In this review, players will understand why BetNow is worth the attention and what markets it covers.

The platform provides players with the chance to choose their favourite sport or game and bet on it. There is an easy sign-up process that ensures that no one is left out. As for the sports betting sites, it has unique, colourful graphics that catch the eye of all users.

BetNow Bonuses & Promotions

There are many reasons for players to consider the sports betting site. Below is a detailed review of all the bonuses that one can expect from BetNow. Besides these bonuses and promotions, BetNow offers frequent promos to their clients.

These vary depending on the match or game and the time of year. They are not marketing ploy since they help their players better understand the betting sites and have some chances of enjoying their favourite gambling platform.

Welcome Bonus

Players get to enjoy a 100% welcome bonus from BetNow. Claiming the bonus requires the player to make a $20 minimum deposit and use the code BN100 when processing the initial deposit. The bonus provides the player with a 10x rollover chance in the casino or sportsbook. All users who accept this offer get to enjoy a maximum bonus of $500

There is also a 50% bonus and a 25% bonus where the player uses the BN50 and BN25 codes, respectively, during their initial deposit. These bonuses provide the player with an 8x and 5x rollover, respectively, and both of them have a maximum bonus of $1,000.

Horse Rebate Bonus

BetNow offers horse racing betting as well. Under the racebook section, players will find the betting limits when gambling on these horses. The sportsbook provides avid players with an 8% rebate based on their net losses.

Players can attain the rebate any day, from Monday to Sunday. Here, one can get comfortable trying out the betting limits and learn about the different contestants. Punters can attain a rebate in case they lose some of their bets.

Refer a Friend

There is a “refer a friend” bonus for all players who invite their pals to join the platform. In the registration form, new players should fill the “How did you hear about us?” section with their friend’s account number or name.

The players will then receive the bonus, but their balance must be equal to the bonus amount. There is a maximum cash bonus of €200, and the bonus has a 3x rollover on the sportsbook and a 15x rollover in the casino.

betnow bonus

BetNow Sports Coverage

Under the sportsbook section, players can choose between eight options. These entail football, basketball, baseball, soccer, fighting, hockey, esports, and auto racing. BetNow offers these options to ensure that there is always something for everyone.

All these sports lines ensure that even with new players, they can choose a sport they adore. It guarantees that everyone has an avenue to gamble and enjoy the game. Below is detailed coverage of all the different sports lines that the sportsbook has to offer.


Under the football tab, there are lots of leagues that players can pick from. For the NFL football aficionados, there are different markets to indulge in. some of these entail the 1st half, 2nd half, quarters, 1st half team totals, and game team totals.

These football markets ensure that all players can bet on what they think will work depending on their favorite teams. Besides, players can have ample time to study all the NFL teams and know their potential before placing a bet. Picking one market over the other or multiple markets enables the player to increase their chances of winning.

betnow football


Players can choose between a few basketball leagues from the sportsbook. The most popular option among many basketball fans is the NBA. Here, players have the chance of betting in three basketball markets. These include the 1st half, 2nd half, and quarters.

In the 1st and 2nd half, players can bet on the team they think will finish with more points than the other. As for the quarters, players can gamble on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter lines. The array ensures that all players can pick a market that provides them with the best chances of winning.


Under the soccer tab, there is a lot for players to consider. There are lots of options for players to enjoy all the different soccer leagues. The most popular soccer leagues include the MLS, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga, and English Premier League.

In all these leagues, players can choose between four markets. They entail 1st half, 2nd half, overs and unders. Players can choose the teams they think will have more goals in the 1st and 2nd half. The overs and unders market enable players to select the total number of goals the game will end with.

betnow soccer


The esports field is quickly growing nowadays. Players get to enjoy gambling on their favourite esports teams. Besides, if a player loves a specific game that’s being played, they have an option of participating and showcasing their support of the game and the teams.

There are four main games that players can bet on. They include Dota 2, StarCraft 2, CounterStrike, and Overwatch. In these games, players can pick from 1st half, 2nd half, over and under. From here, it’s easier for the player to forecast the outcome of the game and bet on it.


There are other sports betting options like Formula 1 and UFC. Players can find these options under the auto racing and fighting sections, respectively. Betting on a sport like Formula 1 requires the player to pick the location and the drivers they would like to bet on.

Also, additional sports like fighting will entail boxing and UFC options. Here, the player gets to bet on their favourite boxer, and they can do so before or during the match. Clicking on the boxes that the player wants to bet on displays the date and time of all the events and the participants.

BetNow Live Sports Betting

There is live sports betting or in-play sports betting available from the BetNow sportsbook for players who want a thrilling experience. The in-play sports betting option displays all the different sports that are currently playing and offers the player a chance to bet on their favourite games.

Players can only access the tab when there are live sports in play. The tab remains empty if there are no live games or sports to bet on. Using this option enables the player to better their chances of winning since they can spectate the sport’s progress before picking the bet that will win them some money.

betnow live betting

BetNow Live Streaming

BetNow doesn’t offer any live streaming options currently. The closest players get to experience live streaming is the in-play option, where players can bet live while watching their favourite sport on another platform.

BetNow Sports Betting Mobile – App and Website

The BetNow sports mobile betting platform provides players with the best experience in the sportsbook industry. Players get to enjoy some of the best BetNow sportsbook services, and they can opt-in on the racebook and casino options. In the BetNow app, players get to access everything available on the desktop. ensures that everything remains the same across all betting sites. That is, players will enjoy the same odds as those on the sports betting sites and every other content is the same. The BetNow app makes it easier for clients to switch from the desktop by providing them with a seamless experience.

Betnow Casino

Besides being the best sports betting platform, also has a casino. The casino is easy to access from the platform, and as long as a player has an account in the BetNow sportsbook, they have access to the casino. Under the casino platform, the player comes across a wide array of games.

The casino also offers players perks to ensure that they can spend more time learning their favourite games. Below is everything the casino has to offer. Casino Bonuses

The casino has a 10% weekly rebate on all the losses. From Monday to Sunday, players can enjoy a 10% refund on their net losses of the week. Doing so ensures that the player won’t lose so much money and can have some time to enjoy their favourite casino games.

More so, the vast array of games ensures that players can pick something that will be a game of skill. In the casino, players can come across both games of chances and games of skill. Picking one over the other has its advantages since players can easily win depending on their prowess.

Casino Games

In the online casino, players can enjoy table games, progressive slots, video poker and keno, mobile games, and the live dealer casino. The wide array of games means that even new players can find a game they love or succeed in.

Under the table games category, players can opt between blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, poker, and so much more. The available array ensures players can try out the different games to find the one they will love. If there is nothing for them in the table games category, they can check the other offerings.

Besides offering a wide array of casino games, also has a mobile platform where players can access the sportsbook and the casino. The mobile games section provides users with an option to participate in some of their favourite mobile casino games. Some of these include:

  • Three card poker
  • Casino war
  • All American

betnow casino

Live Casino

The live dealer casino provides players with the option of having a virtual casino experience. Players can enjoy the live dealer casino from the comfort of their own home at any time. BetNow’s live dealer options provide users with the chance to interact with the dealers while playing their favourite games.

One standout feature of BetNow’s live dealer platform is its ease of use. With an array of games to choose from, it’s easy for a player to pick their favourite and the bet option that they are comfortable with. Besides, the user interface is lovely and easy to understand. Payment Methods

After understanding the different offerings of the sportsbook, the next step should be their payment methods. The available payment methods at ensure that players can have a seamless experience. That is, they can deposit and withdraw using the same platform.

The review below delves into the different deposit and withdrawal options for the user. It ensures that all users understand the different platforms they should consider to use when making payments and withdrawals.


For both deposits and withdrawals, the sportsbook provides its customers with the best security measures. There are eight deposit options for all customers. The most preferred include:

  • Bitcoin
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Users can also use bitcoin cash, Zelle, Bank Wire, American Express, and Money Gram. Some platforms, like MasterCard and Visa, support a €20 minimum and a €2,000 maximum deposit. Both bitcoin offerings have a €10 minimum and a €40,000 maximum deposit.

Money Gram has a €50 minimum and a €500 maximum deposit, while American Express has a €20 minimum and a €1,000 maximum deposit. Zelle has a €20 minimum and a €5,000 maximum deposit, and its users must provide a selfie ID to complete the process. Bank Wire has a €5,000 minimum and a €20,000 maximum deposit.


Users have different withdrawal options, with the best being bitcoin. Here, the player will enjoy free transactions and quicker withdrawal speed. Cash App is also another option with the quickest speeds of 24 hours and no transaction charge.

Both bitcoin offerings support a €5 minimum and a €20,000 maximum withdrawal. Direct Deposit and Cash App both have a €100 minimum and a €2,000 maximum withdrawal limit. Bank Wire has a €2,501 minimum and €9,500 maximum withdrawal limit. There is also a Cheque option where players can receive a minimum of €100 and a maximum of €3,000.

Customer Support

There are three support options at Users can opt between live chat, telephone calls, or email support. Live chat is the best option since it’s available 24/7. Players can find a “Live Help” button at the bottom right of all pages. Here, the player can type in their account number and pin to attain immediate feedback.

If the user has a slightly dire problem, they can opt for the email option. It might take a while before the BetNow customer service team responds, but it frees up the live chat platform for users with dire issues.

Who Can and Who Can’t Bet at

The legality of online gambling and games of chances in some areas make it hard for the sportsbook to support those players. Some of these places include New York, Nevada, New Jersey, Hawaii, among others. BetNow doesn’t offer its services to negate any issues with these governments.

There are many countries and locations where players can enjoy BetNow. Some of these include the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany, to name a few. From these locations, players have access to all the sportsbook services and can bet per the laws.

So, Is It Worth Placing Your Bets at BetNow?

It’s worth it for players to consider sports betting using this sportsbook. There is a large array of games for players to consider, and the sports also have some of the best markets. Players should, however, assess their regulations depending on where they are located before using BetNow.

BetNow provides its clients with the best payment options and bonuses. These promotions apply in all areas, meaning that all players can enjoy all the different services. The in-play sports betting options and live dealer casino enable the players to spectate and place bets in their favourite sports or bets.


? Is BetNow a legitimate bookmaker?

Yes, it is. Bet Now EU offers its clients not only the best odds but a platform where they can enjoy their favourite sport and games. Their odds are amongst the best in the market, and they have lots of markets for players to bet on.

? Is BetNow Sports available to players all over the world?

No. Bet Now EU supports players from select places around the world. They don’t offer their services to players in Australia, Africa, New York, among others. BetNow doesn’t support these locations due to compliance with the laws.

₿ Is Bitcoin available as a deposit and withdrawal method at BetNow?

Yes, it is. BetNow accepts deposits and withdrawals through the different bitcoin wallets. For withdrawals, it’s free when using bitcoin, and players get to enjoy larger deposit limits.

? Are there fees when withdrawing from BetNow?

Bitcoin withdrawals don’t have any fees. The payment processing takes around 48 hours, and the player has a maximum withdrawal limit of €20,000.

? Is there a BetNow Mobile App for iPhone and Android?

Yes, there is. The mobile app provides players with an option to bet on their favourite sports. As for the casino, players have access to select mobile games.

? Is BetNow a safe sports betting site?

Yes, it is. BetNow offers its users the best security and safety when placing bets, depositing, and withdrawing their money. Users have an option to use a nickname when in the casino to maintain their anonymity.

How long does it take to withdraw my money from BetNow?

It depends on the withdrawal platform that the user prefers. Some platforms like Cash App and bitcoin have quicker processing times of 24 and 48 hours, respectively. Other platforms like Bank Wire, Direct Deposit, and Cheque have a 15-day processing time.