GTbets Sportsbook Review 2024 – Effortless Sports Betting

100% cash bonus up to $500

When looking for the best sportsbook, users should consider GTbets. They are amongst the top operators in the industry, and this GTbets review will provide all potential users with factual information as to why they are a trusted bookmaker.

The sportsbook provides its users with the best options in terms of GTbets payout and deposits. Their processing times are also quicker than most sportsbooks. GTbets has a good reputation in the sports betting market, and that’s why most users trust them.

GTbets Sports Betting Bonuses & Promotions

Currently, there are eight bonuses and promotions for users to choose from. These entice new users and ensure that the experienced clients get to enjoy being on the platform. The bonuses and promotions range from the welcome bonus to email promotions.

In the GTbets review below, users can understand the different bonuses and promotions to claim. It’s a detailed guide that assists everyone in picking a bonus that will help them enjoy the platform more. Besides, it helps everyone understand all the promotions they have to claim and take advantage of.

Welcome Bonus

GTbets provides new players with a 150% cash sign up bonus. It’s available for this season, where new users get to enjoy a 100% cash bonus on their first deposit and a 50% cash up on the second deposit. Both bonuses have their limits of €500 and €250, respectively.

Because it’s a cash bonus, the users retain their wagers and win amounts on all wagers. The advantage of cash bonuses is that users have the freedom to use them as they would deem fit. Users should note that the second deposit bonus is only awarded if they haven’t withdrawn any winnings.

Reload Bonuses

The sportsbook offers a cash reload bonus for all their clients. Their reload bonus program makes it easier for the user to attain these credits in their account immediately after a deposit. Users can find out the different bonuses they qualify for by logging into their account and clicking on the bonus alert button.

Attaining the reload bonus requires all client accounts to have at least 25% of their previous deposits. Clients also qualify for the bonus of the previous transaction wasn’t a withdrawal. Lastly, the client’s account must be segmented to receive bonuses.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

The sportsbook provides its clients with additional bonuses for referring to their friends. Also known as the “Refer a Friend” bonus, clients can invite their friends to join GTbets and attain a 50% bonus of their friend’s initial deposit.

Attaining this deposit requires the user to request their client to add their account number on the sign-up page and make a deposit. The maximum amount for this bonus is €400. Claiming this bonus requires the user to contact the support team through a phone call, live chat, or email.

Horse Rebate Bonus

Users who love wagering on horses can enjoy this bonus since they attain a 15% rebate on their monthly losses. These losses ought to have come from the client’s direct deposit amount. The rebate or bonus is credited on the first day of every month to the client’s account.

There are some rules that clients have to abide by to attain the rebate bonus. The first one being that the rebates will be awarded for all online bets only. These rebates don’t apply to horse propositions, fixed odd markets, futures, weekly contests, or matchups.

gtbets bonus

GTbets Sports Coverage

GTbets has extensive sports line coverage that helps players find their favourite sport and place bets quickly. With 14 options to choose from, players have an easy time picking something to gamble on. The “Lines” section helps the players select a sport and proceed to pick a market that they are conversant with.

Some of the sports that GTbets have to offer include volleyball, table tennis, boxing, hockey, handball, fantasy, esports, cricket, basketball, American football, 60-minute wagering, live schedule, and live now. Below is a detailed review of the most popular sports to bet on.


There are three football options that clients can bet on. They include college football, NFL, and NFL future. These options assist users in finding some options that favour them the most. With college football, users can bet on the entire game or 1st half results.

For NFL, players can bet on 1st quarter, 1st half, and the entire game. These markets assist users in understanding all the options that they can enjoy. It guarantees that all clients will pick a football market that they are comfortable with. NFL futures provide users with only one market. That is the entire game result.


The sportsbook provides its clients with 12 leagues to choose from. Some of the most popular options include college basketball, Germany Bundesliga, NBA, and NBA futures from these leagues. There are many markets that clients can consider with all NBA markets.

Some of these include parlay, two-way, total(over/under), and the money line of a straight bet. These bets allow clients to better their chances of attaining some winnings. They guarantee that everyone can find an NBA market that it’s easy for them to understand and enjoy the games.


The baseball sports betting options provide users with an MLB option where they can choose from the available markets. These markets include money line, totals, run line, and overnight lines. All markets are available for all MLB games, and users can opt for the proposition wagers.

All these markets or wagers have their rules, and it’s up to the client to read them to understand which wager works ideally. Also, it assists the client in gambling depending on their favorite markets and MLB teams that they are supporting. Players or clients have to make keen considerations before placing the bet.


GTbets provides its clients with bets on American and European leagues. However, they make additional options for players or users who have an event they would like to bet on. There are many sports betting markets that players can consider. Some of them include draw no bet, top goal scorer, half time/full-time result, time of the first goal, player to score at any time, enhanced odds parlays, and handicap sports betting.

In case the match is suspended, the sportsbook refunds the wagers of all users. The European leagues include UEFA, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and the English Premier League. The MLS is the most prominent league in America.

gtbets soccer


Clients get to enjoy the action that GTbets take on all the NHL events. All players who wish to bet on hockey have lots of things to love from the sportsbook. Some of these include free hockey sports betting strategies and the NHL prop bets. Also, it’s easy to understand the different sports betting odds depending on the client’s location.

Some of the markets that users have to consider when betting on hockey will include money line, totals (over/under), and puck line. The money line entails betting depending on the given price rather than points. As for totals, clients bet on the game’s total goals, while the puck line entails the spread of the team.


There are three markets that users can choose from in esports betting. They entail straight, parlay, and teaser. These wagers are determined after the games, depending on which team wins or loses. The main game that users get to bet on is CG: GO. Here, users get to bet on the different teams depending on the available odds.

In esports betting, one has to understand all the esports teams and understand their prowess. Attaining this information makes it easier for a user to know which team has a higher probability of winning and place their bets on it. Also, it indicates that users can minimize their chances of losing.


The sportsbook has lots of sports for their users to bet on. Some of them include golf, tennis, and UFC. When sports betting on UFC or boxing, users should consider the money line, round propositions, and total rounds markets. Users can also bet on a draw, and in case that’s the result, the wagers are paid immediately.

As for tennis and table tennis sports betting, users can enjoy the action in all matches regardless of their completion date. In case one of the sets isn’t complete, all bets become void, and the sportsbook credits back the wagers. Golf sports betting only supports two markets. Namely, matchups and win markets.

GTbets Live Betting

The sportsbook provides its clients with live sports betting options. These options ensure that players can watch their favorite sport and bet on the different lines that the bookmaker has to offer. Nonetheless, the lines provided by the sportsbook are for the complete game score.

Live sports betting provides users with the advantage of tracking the bets and following the game before placing any bets. Since users can bet on 1st and 2nd halves of a game, it will be easier to know when one has won a bet since the time is lesser. Also, users can place their bets minutes before the game is over.

GTbets Live Streaming

The bookmaker doesn’t offer any live streaming. Users only have the live betting option to place their bets during the games.

gtbets live betting

GTbets Sports Mobile – App and Website

Both Android and iOS users can enjoy the GTbets app available for betting and casino. The application also supports the older phone variants like Blackberry and Windows mobile. GTbets app guarantees that no user is left out and ensures that all users can access the same markets as those on the website.

The mobile app assists users in ensuring that they won’t miss any wagers. Besides using the mobile app, users can log into the website from their browser to enjoy the betting site’s mobile-optimized version. Users also have the chance to create an account and making deposits from the mobile app.

GTbets Casino

Some users love casino games like slots, table games, jackpots, and video poker. GTbets offers a casino option for such users and ensures that they have a platform where everyone can enjoy. Users can enjoy some unique and engaging games and the live casino option.

In the GTbets sportsbook review below, users can understand all the different bonuses to expect from the casino and the different games they should consider. GTbets also assist in knowing the best games for new users and experienced users.

GTbets Casino Bonuses

Clients get to enjoy lots of casino bonuses like the 10% weekly rebate. GTbets calculates the rebate between Tuesday to Monday of every week, where they credit the account with 10% of the losses. Also, the rebate doesn’t have a rollover, and users who have been winning for a month or lifetime don’t qualify for the rebate.

There are also free spins bonuses where users get to attain “instant” free spins, “deposit” free spins, and “play now, deposit later” free spins. Each of these free spins has its twist that better the experience of all users.

Casino Games

Users can select their favourite games from the “categories” tab. If one doesn’t know which games to play, they can check out the different games and even use the 100% sign up bonus to learn the different games. Here, the user can find a game that they can become good at and play it more.

With the easy-to-use platform, users can select between slots, table games, jackpots, live casino, tournaments, and video poker. Each of these options has a different duration, and players can opt to play a game that they have ample time for. Nonetheless, some of these games require skills like table games, while others are pure luck.

If the user isn’t ready to spend lots of money on the game, there is a play for fun option where the user can spend between €0.5 and €1 to try out the game. GTbets saves the user some time and ensures that they can find some options that they will love. Before playing games in the casino, users might indicate the nickname they would like to use for additional security and anonymity.

gtbets casino

GTbets Payment Methods

In the betting site, players will find lots of options to deposit money and attain their payouts. Therefore, new users must assess these platforms to understand the best solution and ones that won’t cost them money.

Below is a detailed guide on the different deposit and withdrawal options for users to consider. These options ensure that every user can select something that works for them and won’t consume lots of time before crediting or debiting the money.


There are nine deposit options for users to consider. GTbets supports crypto deposit options like bitcoin and Litecoin. Besides these two, users can use MasterCard, Visa, American Express, XRP, QuickCash, and prepaid gift cards.

All the crypto platforms support a €35 minimum and €2,000 maximum deposit. It takes between two to four hours to credit the funds. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and prepaid gift cards support a €35 minimum and a €999 maximum deposit.

They all consume between one to 15 minutes to deposit these funds. XRP and QuickCash support a €35 and a €100 minimum and a €2,000 and a €500 maximum deposit, respectively. XRP takes between one to 15 minutes before depositing the funds, while for QuickCash to function, the user has to contact the support team.


Users can enjoy three different withdrawal methods. Bitcoin is the best option because it’s free, and it takes up to 24 hours to process the payment. Also, bitcoin has some reasonable withdrawal limits of €300 minimum and €5,000 maximum.

The other options that users can consider include QuickCash and Bank Wire. QuickCash charges the user €50 or 8% of their withdrawal amount. It also has a quick processing time of 24 hours. Clients have to contact support when they need to use this platform.

However, GTbets processes one payment weekly per customer. Bank Wire has a €100 minimum and a €5,000 maximum withdrawal limit. The processing time is the longest in the bunch since it takes up to 12 days.

Customer Support

The sportsbook provides its users with three GTbets customer service options. These include:

  • Live chat
  • Phone calls
  • Emails

Their live chat team doesn’t offer 24/7 support. However, users can access the team from 10 am to 4 am Eastern Time. The support team is available all week from Monday to Sunday. Email support is also ideal for users who don’t have pressing issues. They will normally respond in 24 hours.

During business hours, users can enjoy quicker replies in live chat and emails. The phone call option assists the users in attaining immediate response to all the issues they might have.

Who Can and Who Can’t Bet at GTbets

The sportsbook provides its services to users in most places around the world. However, there are some places in the United States where they don’t offer their services. Some of these include:

  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Louisiana

However, they offer their services in European countries, Africa and Asia. The main reason why GTbets doesn’t accept players from certain locations is due to the rules and regulations of those areas.

For users in locations with more lenient betting rules, it’s possible to use GTbets. Users who already have access to GTbets get to enjoy all their betting options and casino.

So Is It Worth Placing Your Bets at GTbets

Yes. All users should consider this sportsbook since it’s easy to use the platform and place bets. Opening an account is easy since there aren’t lots of requirements. Depositing cash also is a simple task, but if one wants to use bitcoin, they must have a wallet to deposit cash and withdraw their winnings.

GTbets implement the best security measures to ensure that all users are safe while on the platform. In case of any problems, it offers all users timely customer support. Their customer support team is ready to answer all the questions and solve any issues that users experience.


? Is GTbets a safe and reliable bookmaker?

Yes, it is. The sportsbook provides its clients with the best services by ensuring that they are comfortable and safe while on the platform.

? Is GTbets Sports available to players all over the world?

No, it’s not. GTbets provides their services depending on the rules and regulations of different countries. They are, however, available in most parts of the world.

₿ Is Bitcoin available as a deposit and withdrawal method at GTbets?

Yes, it is. Users can use bitcoin to deposit and withdraw their winnings. It has the quickest processing time when withdrawing the winnings, and it’s free.

? Are there fees when withdrawing from GTbets?

Yes. Some platforms like QuickCash and Bank Wire charge all users when withdrawing their winnings. Bitcoin, however, has no charges.

? Is there a GTbets Mobile App for iPhone and Android?

Yes, there is. Users can access the sportsbook platform through the mobile app. There is also a mobile website version when a user uses the website on their phone.

? Do I need a code to claim the bitcoin welcome bonus?

No. The welcome bonus is credited immediately upon the first deposit.

? Can I watch live sports while I am betting?

No, you can’t. Users only have access to the live betting platform. The sportsbook doesn’t provide any live streaming services.