Nitrogen Sports Review – One Of The Most Recognisable Sportsbooks

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Nitrogen Sports is an excellent choice for bettors who want betting sites that use Bitcoin. Nitrogen Sports uses Bitcoin for withdrawals too, so you can easily convert your winnings to other cryptocurrencies after you request a transfer from your account. This sports betting site offers all the popular markets, including soccer and tennis. Nitrogen betting carries exciting matches in UEFA and other international tournaments and you can place Nitrogen eSport wagers by using your mobile device.

Nitrogen Sports Betting Bonuses & Promotions

You can’t get a Nitrogen Sports bonus for sports betting but Nitrogen sportsbook does have lots of promotions, such as its Nitro Squares contests. The Nitrogen Sports promotions coincide with special seasons of the year and sports events, such as the NFL season and Thanksgiving. For example, the Nitrogen Betting Thanksgiving 2020 giveaway offered a 0.025 BTC prize.

Nitrogen sportsbook also has a NFL Survivor Pool, where a player must choose one from the nine available pools. The buy-in amount ranges from free to $10,000. Their Nitrogen Sports Monthly Parlay Jackpot gives top players the opportunity to share a prize pool. Even losing parlay bets are considered.

Nitrogen Sports Coverage

Nitrogen Sports covers all of the major sports and leagues. Your sports betting account at this sports betting site is credited immediately with Bitcoin transfers for your wagers on everything from cricket to eSports. If you win on hockey, MMA, or soccer, you can get your Bitcoins almost instantly, unlike some betting sites.

In addition to athletics and motor sports markets, you can participate in sports betting when events in niche sports like curling, futsal, and cycling take place. If you enjoy handball or snooker sports betting, you’ll find those there, along with good markets for volleyball and Aussie rules.


Futures and special bets markets are offered to American football fans at Nitrogen Sports EU. Nitrogen Sports gives you access to a greater variety of bets than many of its competitors. For example, instead of only being able to bet on the Super Bowl winner, you can try to predict the winners of each conference and division.

If you think you know who the Offensive Rookie of the Year, Offensive Player of the Year or Regular Season MVP will be, the sports betting platform gives you the chance to make money on that. A variety of NCAA futures is available as well.


Basketball fans can’t always find lots of options at online sportsbooks, but Nitrogen Sports has a lot to offer in this area. You can place futures bets on the winners of your favourite NBA conference or all of them. You can also bet on the team that will be the eventual NBA champion.

While they offer all the NBA markets that you enjoy, they aren’t restricted to that. There are other niche basketball markets offered to players who enjoy basketball. Enjoy betting on games in China or Israel and even place wagers on international friendlies from your mobile phone.

notrogen sport basketball


Nitrogen Sports has a lot of coverage on games in Korea. Baseball fans can also enjoy betting on competitions in Japan, where the sport is hugely popular. Of course, MLB is offered, with run lines creating skews in the odds. These shifts are also influenced by alternate run lines in MLB.

While their range of run lines is not the absolute best, it is a good option for baseball fans who want an alternative that gives them very attractive odds. Plus, since you can bet on the MLB from your mobile device, you have the flexibility that you desire from betting sites.


Nitrogen Sports has markets for all the English Premier League matches. You can bet on UEFA Champions League and La Liga or Bundesliga games, with the sportsbook sticking to spread, moneyline and totals. Even Serie A outcomes can bring you a profit on this sports betting site.

More women’s soccer markets are available at this sportsbook than at several of their competitors, which speaks well for them. They offer all the MLS markets you expect and even have a guide to MLS, for bettors who want to learn more. Futures markets are offered for each of the big competitions.

nitrogen sports soccer


In addition to football and basketball, lots of sports betting lines for hockey are offered at Nitrogen Sports. This sports betting platform lets you focus on regular NHL time or if you like an extra risk on betting sites, NHL with overtime included. All of these have a range of moneylines, odds, and spreads offered.

If a player chooses their NHL overtime markets, they can make a selection from alternate spreads. The totals and alternate spreads push the odds in directions that are extremely skewed. If you want to be a bit more moderate, you can look at hockey markets in Russia.


Starcraft and Counter-Strike fans can bet on outcomes at Nitrogen Sports. A lot of eSports markets are offered and you’ll find several of your favorites, such as Dota 2. You can navigate to the eSports section by clicking on the left side to choose the tournament that you’re interested in.

You can bet on edges in eSports. While established games like League of Legends are available, you’ll also be able to wager on up and coming names, like Overwatch and King of Glory. The LOL World Championships can also bring you a profit or at least, some exciting betting.


Tennis, snooker, UFC, curling, and golf are all offered by Nitrogen Sports. Futures betting is offered on many of the smaller but exciting sports markets, including Formula 1, other motorsports, and Aussie Rules.

Nitrogen Sports has outstanding coverage of tennis, so tennis fans will not be disappointed. You can expect the US Open but they will cover smaller tennis events, so you can bet on tennis for fun at any time. no exotic props are offered but spreads are there.

Nitrogen Sports Live betting

Live betting is available at Nitrogen Sports. The only problem is that it is not easy for someone who is new to the site to find it. You have to find it among the other betting markets.

This can be a deterrent for a bettor who enjoys live markets in a variety of sports, since they’ll have to keep navigating in and out of each sport to find wagering options that interest them. Despite that, a lot of live betting markets are offered and all of the sports in the US have live betting.

nitrogen sports live betting

Odds Comparison

Whether you’re betting on American football or soccer, you’ll enjoy the odds at

Nitrogen Sports. Bear in mind that you’re placing bets in a cryptocurrency and the value of that may also be changing in your favor while you’re having fun on the platform. Their overground is 3.1% so you can stick with them for all sports.

Nitrogen Sports is regarded as the leader among Bitcoin sportsbooks in terms of its odds and quality of its markets. No matter which football or soccer league or competition you want to bet on, you’ll find the odds more favorable to you than they would be at other betting sites.

You have a better chance of winning a big payout than on other betting sites. This is true whether you’re betting on college football or the NFL.

Nitrogen Sports Live Streaming

Most games at Nitrogen Sports offer live betting but the site does not offer live streaming. You’ll have to follow the game using a sports app or on television.

Wagering Limits

Wagering limits at Nitrogen Sports vary with the sport that you’re interested in. Most of the major markets come with a 10 BTC limit. If you want to place a wager in a smaller market, the limits will vary, with even niche US sports having good maximums of 30,000 mBTC.

You will find some sports with limits of 0.5 or 2 BTC. Their minimum bet is usually only 0.0001 BTC. This is now, so you can bet for fun and bet responsibly.

Nitrogen Sports on Mobile – App and Website

This Nitrogen Sports review has spoken of the many features of the site. It does not have an app but they do have a mobile site, so you can navigate to wherever you choose without using any of your storage space for an app. The mobile site is streamlined and does not take a long time to load, so you can quickly make live bets.

The mobile site facilitates all of the transactions that you would do on your desktop. You can deposit Bitcoins or make withdrawals. You can also get customer support and read their sports guides.

Nitrogen Sports Casino

Unlike some betting sites, Nitrogen Sports Casino also offers a few of the games that bettors like, such as dice. However, this section of their site is fairly small, since they’re mainly an online sportsbook. This Nitrogen sportsbook review will let you know which games are offered.

Nitrogen Casino also offers baccarat and various forms of blackjack, including eight deck blackjack. You can even play Three card poker and knockout slots there. They also offer good poker, which is a plus for poker fans and has gotten rave reviews.

nitrogen sports casino

Nitrogen Sports Casino Bonuses

Players who are familiar with other betting sites expect bonuses but there are no Nitrogen Sports Casino bonuses. Unlike some betting sites, you can benefit from their great odds and the frequent promotions that they have, which all increase the chances of you getting a bigger payout.

Casino Games

NitrogenSport includes Nitrogen Poker, which is played from your browser and is not available as a separate download. This is a plus because you can play it from your favorite browser. Since they’re mainly a sportsbook, they don’t always have a lot of players online in the casino games, so for poker, that can be a drawback.

Whether you’re a fan of their baccarat, blackjack or poker, you can play their casino games from your mobile device. The games will not slow down or hamper play due to software glitches. If you have more than one poker table open, you can still experience effortless play.

Images in all the games are sharp because they are vector-based. If you expand any of the images you won’t experience a loss of quality. This is helpful when playing blackjack in full screen.

Live Casino

There are live casino options at NitrogenSport. If you like poker, you will enjoy their live poker option. The only drawback is that they don’t have a large number of players who visit the site for the casino options.

You’ll find that even at peak times, only 100 players may be logged into the casino section sometimes. You’ll also have to keep an eye on the table if you’re playing, because things can change quickly during a live game.

nitrogen sports live casino

Nitrogen Sports Payment Methods

Only one payment method is used at NitrogenSport and that is Bitcoin. They will not use any other form of payment. If you want to withdraw your winnings to your credit card or via a bank transfer, you won’t be able to do that here but that’s the whole aim. They aim to focus on BTC.


You can make deposits to your account at NitrogenSport by using Bitcoins. No other method of making a deposit is permitted. You cannot use any fiat currencies, such as dollars but your account is credited quickly. Usually it’s completed within four hours.


Withdrawals take place within 24 hours maximum. Despite this being the maximum, it’s not the general case. Withdrawals are usually processed in two to three hours. Your funds will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet.

Customer Support

This is one area that has actually seen complaints from bettors. Nitrogen Sports are not as responsive as they could be. They sometimes seem to give pat answers for situations instead of considering each situation from several angles.

They have email and they usually respond in a timely manner. However, Nitrogen Sports do not have telephone support or other faster methods. Hopefully, that will improve soon.

Who Can and Who Can’t Bet at Nitrogen Sports

Bettors in most countries can bet by opening an account with Nitrogen Sports. If you’re in the Caribbean, for example in Jamaica or Barbados, you can bet on cricket, tennis, and athletics for fun by using the platform. Similarly, bettors in Asian countries such as Korea or Japan can place wagers via this platform.

Once you’re in a country where betting is legal, such as America or a European country, you can bet as a form of entertainment through this platform. If you’re in a country where betting is frowned upon, such as Dubai, or one like the UK, which in 2016 required sportsbooks to be regulated by their local commission, it is good to proceed with caution.

So Is It Worth Placing Your Bets At Nitrogen Sports

It is definitely worth placing your bets at Nitrogen Sports. They pay attention to female sports, niche sports, and international matches in popular markets.

Their odds are really good, so you win more on bets that work in your favor. You can bet from your mobile device and even place live bets on many of the sports you prefer.

If you like dice or poker, they offer that as well. There are a few cons to using the site. For example, live betting is not offered as a separate interface and instead, you’ll have to choose it within each sports option. However, the pros far outweigh the few relatively minuscule issues.


? Is Nitrogen Sports a legitimate bookmaker?

Yes. Nitrogen Sports is a legitimate bookmaker. It was established in 2012 and has operated from Costa Rica, while its corporate offices are in Canada. It always makes payouts on time and there are no reports of it withholding funds from legitimate bettors.

? Is Nitrogen Sports available to players all over the world?

Yes. Nitrogen Sports is available to players all over the world, except in countries where gambling is prohibited. Players in the United States of America and European countries can play poker or bet on their favourite sports via this platform.

₿ Is Bitcoin available as a deposit and withdrawal method at Nitrogen Sports?

Yes. Nitrogen Sports offers Bitcoin as a withdrawal and deposit method. In fact, it’s the only method they offer and it has made them popular among bettors in several countries, establishing them as a leader in the Bitcoin industry.

? Are there fees when withdrawing from Nitrogen Sports?

There is a fee associated with withdrawals, although it’s relatively small. You’ll pay 0.0001 Bitcoin per transaction. You can avoid paying a withdrawal fee by using their free withdrawal offer. This gives you one free withdrawal every six days.

? Is there a Nitrogen Sports Mobile App?

A Nitrogen Sports mobile app is not yet available. You can smoothly navigate to any part of the platform when you are on the mobile site. This facilitates betting on your Android and iOS devices.

? Does Nitrogen Sports have a casino or poker?

Yes. Nitrogen Sports has a casino, although it’s a relatively small part of the services it offers. They also offer poker to clients who enjoy Texas Hold Em and other variants.

 ? How long does it take to withdraw my money from Nitrogen Sports?

It only takes a few hours to withdraw your money from Nitrogen Sports. You’ll receive it within 24 hours in your Bitcoin wallet. Once you make a request for a withdrawal, the cashier will have a note to that effect, which often disappears in an hour, after the transaction is completed.